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Super SARCA Anchors are designed and manufactured in Australia, Sarca’s build quality assured using the best steels then hot dipped galvanized, the...


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Super SARCA Anchors are designed and manufactured in Australia, Sarca’s build quality assured using the best steels then hot dipped galvanized, the stainless Sarca being of 316 and stainless steel.

Super SARCA's unique design makes it both safer and easier to use. The penetrating ability and holding power of the Super SARCA has to be experienced to be believed.


Large Commercial SARCA Anchors

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    • Andrew Excel AnchorAndrew Excel Anchor
  • Brendon Super SarcaBrendon Super Sarca

Features of the SuperSARCA Anchors

  • Hoop on the rear of the anchor ensures that the Super SARCA rolls over in most situations, allowing the toe to be in its best possible position to penetrate the ocean floor and reducing dragging as the fluke digs in
  • No more chain tangled around and between the flukes preventing the anchor from taking hold. Super SARCA's unique tangle-resistant design improves anchor efficiency and safety
  • Unique design also creates a pumping action which sinks the anchor deeper. Teamed with the Super SARCA's 360° pivoting action, this makes the Super SARCA resistant to wind and tide changes
  • Incorporates an automatic reset trip release that offers you the highest rate of recovery from rocks. When anchoring in and around bommies, reef or coral the Super SARCA has less chance of getting stuck and will create less damage to the environment
  • Light in weight, easy to handle and contains no lead in the design to contaminate the marine environment
  • Available in top-quality 316 stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized mild steel

Easy to use on all bottom types:

Mud or sand

1 - Come directly above the Super SARCA and apply light and stead pressure.
2 - The Super SARCA's special slots allow a break in suction which, couple with a long shank, means the Super SARCA is easy to free.

Rock or Reef

1 - Simply motor directly above and pull all the slack rope. Then release approximately ½ metre of rope and tie off.
2 - Motor your boat forward over the anchor. This lifts the rear resulting in a high recovering rate.
3 - The moment the anchor releases, the stainless steel D-shackle slides to the front of the anchors' shank and resets.

Comparison chart for our range of Super SARCA Anchors

A number of variables affect anchor choice. Please give careful consideration to the following:
type of vessel, tidal conditions, inland or ocean waters, displacement of vessel, type of sea floor, wind strength, draught of vessel, type of hull and use, ocean currents, windage area of vessel, mass of vessel and ocean terrain.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CHART IS A GUIDE ONLY; We recommend that you evaluate the variables listed below and choose the most suitable products for your vessel.

SARCA Excel Anchor ABC
Image General Description

Sarca Classic Galvanised Anchor - .5 - 2.9kg - 3.8m
Sku: S0.5
Size: .5
Boat Length: up to 3.8m
Weight: 2.9kg

Sarca Classic Galvanised Anchor - 1 - 4kg - 4.5m
Sku: S1
Size: 1
Boat Length: up to 4.5m
Weight: 4kg

Sarca Classic Galvanised Anchor - 2 - 5.5kg - 6.5m
Sku: S2
Size: 2
Boat Length: up to 6.5m
Weight: 5.5kg

Sarca Classic Galvanised Anchor - 3 - 9.5kg - 8.5m
Sku: S3
Size: 3
Boat Length: up to 8.5m
Weight: 9.5kg

SARCA Anchors

Regular price $163.35