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BIGVEE ™ is the first real innovation in bow stops for well over 50 YEARS.The majority of existing bow stoppers were designed...


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BIGVEE ™ is the first real innovation in bow stops for well over 50 YEARS.
The majority of existing bow stoppers were designed simply for the boat bow to stop against after being pulled forward and central position by a winch. Therefore they offer little or no guidance. BIGVEE ™ is the first real innovation in bow stops for over 50 years. BIGVEE ™ centralises your bow.

BIGVEE ™ is Vee shaped and a massive 375mm wide. This means that even if you drive onto the trailer with the bow off to one side, the BIGVEE ™ guiding shape will take your bow and bring it back to the centre.

All professional fisherman “drive on“ to their boat trailers. This is because they know the dangers and challenges of trying to manually handle boats onto trailers against the tide and wind on potentially slippery ramps. They also want no part in the physical exertion involved in doing so. Furthermore, powering onto your trailer is a huge time-saver.

One professional fisherman commented to us “Would you arrive in your car at the garage door, and then manually pull it in the remainder of the way with a cable? NO. We always drive on”.

BIGVEE ™ “Our one size replaces almost every other Bow Stop in existence“. Install it at home or ask your preferred boating shop to fit it.

BIGVEE ™ mounting surface width is 75mm (3 in) wide in its basic shape. Simply add the shims we provided and your BIGVEE(tm) easily adapts to any size all the way up to 120mm (5 in).

BIGVEE ™ Fits on trailers that have a M12 or M16 (1/2 in or 5/8 in) bolt securing the old bow stop. We supply a special hardened M12 bolt with every BIGVEE ™ If you have an M16 bolt fitted now, simply use the Two Rings supplied and the Bigvee will adapt for your use with our M12 bolt (Our special M12 bolt is stronger than a standard M16 bolt).

BIGVEE™ If your existing Bow Stop is secured with a bolt smaller than M12 (1/2 in), simply drill your trailer up to suit. BIGVEE ™ can then be used.


Regular price $129.00